DeLorean VIN Lineup.


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Prototypes/Pre-Production VINs 500-999 VINs 1000-1999

VINs 2000-2999

VINs 3000-3999 VINs 4000-4999 VINs 5000-5999 VINs 6000-6999
VINs 7000-7999 VINs 10000-10999 VINs 11000-11999 VINs 12000-12999
VINs 15000-15999 VINs 16000-16999 VINs 17000-17999 VINs 20000-20105


Wrecked DeLoreans that will never see the road again.  Sorry to see them go, but hopefully will be used to resurrect some other DeLoreans.  Many thanks to Cameron who submitted these pics.

Special Link:  Funny pics, if you want to submit a pic for this link I will be the judge of the caption and allowing the pic on the site.

Special Project Link, a VIN history with Transmission and interior color, Texas Club, look under VIN Registry.